No SCMS blogging for me


Today starts the 2007 Society for Cinema & Media Studies conference in Chicago. SCMS is the main scholarly organization for film & media scholars like myself, and I try to go to each annual conference as an opportunity to hear presentations of the newest work in the field, see old friends, and wade through the awkward academic shmoozing process. And if you look at the conference program, you’ll see that I’m scheduled to present twice – once as the chair of a workshop on fair use, which will outline a policy & best practices statement that I’ve been working on for how film & media educators can legally use copyrighted material in the classroom, and once presenting an essay I co-wrote with Jonathan Gray, “Can a Good Story be Spoiled? Lessons from Lost.”

Alas, I will not be in Chicago after all – adding to the accumulation of obstacles and mishaps that I’ve run into thus far in 2007 (including computer crashes, airport bomb threats wrecking a day of travel for my family, a broken furnace in sub-zero weather, and the usual array of illnesses in a house with young kids), last week I had some stomach pains that were bothering me. On Thursday, I was diagnosed with appendicitis, leading to immediate surgery Thursday night! Overall, I’ve recovered well with only a bit of lingering soreness from being cut open, but my doctor ruled out air travel just to be safe. So I’m grounded in Vermont (with more sub-zero weather but hopefully a healthy furnace) this weekend. I’ll be following the conference remotely via blogs like Dr. Mabuse’s [UPDATE: and my friend Tim Anderson is blogging up a storm], but since I’m in the odd situation of having my co-authored work (both in essay & policy statement forms) presented in Chicago despite my absence, I’d welcome and appreciate any comments or thoughts about those sessions here!

Thankfully, my health did not disrupt the bit of work-sharing & shmoozing planned at Middlebury this week – I brought Henry Jenkins to campus on Monday to give a lecture about new media literacies, building off his excellent Macarthur white paper on the topic. Henry was, not unsurprisingly, a hit among the students & community here – he’s allowed me to share a video of his talk – enjoy!

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