Some Aprily goodness


One of my favorite amateur television criticism websites (unlike this here professional TV website) is, which has been cranking out snarky insights for over a decade. They’ve cut back on regular postings in recent years, but have maintained a longtime tradition of brilliant April Fools parodies. In past years, they’ve featured ABC’s Reality Network, Salon TeeVee, and TeeVeePedia, an actual wiki encyclopedia of incorrect television knowledge that’s still going strong a year later. This year’s offering is a bit underwhelming, as it repeats a gag from 2002: Television City Chronicle is a New York Times for television land. Read the wedding announcement for Carrie Bradshaw & Mr. Big, an account of improper dealings of an anonymous banker and a bevy of models playing unusual gambling games, and (pertinent to this blog) a review of the new season of Exposé (Lost‘s meta-show). And the brilliant headline, “Cheney to Join Wolfram & Hart.”

I particularly like this account of Terror War, the six-year military drama now fading popularity and plausibility: “Now it has become clear that showrunner Karl Rove no longer has any idea where the plot is going. Nary an episode goes by in which some new mystery isn’t introduced — the threat of civil war, random beheadings, the shadowy cartel known only as The Iranians — but few are ever resolved and others are simply dropped on the floor.” And an editorial decrying that Baltimore is too depressing and gritty when compared to crime-solving in other cities – it’s funny because it’s true… Enjoy surfing!

And although it doesn’t seem to be on their website yet, the Electronic Freedom Foundation’s newsletter today (which is a must-read for civil rights in a digital era) featured some nice stories: “Hollywood Stars Present World’s Brightest Shiniest Object to Key Senate Committee,” “GoDaddy Admits Error: We Accidentally Protected One of Our Customers,” and “RIAA to Parents: Pay When They’re Toddlers and Save the Bother Later.” Not as funny as the TeeVee folks, but EFF’s got bigger fish to fry…


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