Off to MIT5


I’m heading down to Cambridge Friday for the Media in Transition 5 conference at MIT. I hadn’t planned on going to the conference, but since my trip to SCMS was confounded by my appendix, I’ve parlayed my conference-going into a trip to MIT. And in an odd chain of events, I’m actually going to be presenting a paper – I’ll be chairing a panel about Lost on Sunday morning, and one of the planned presenters had to cancel due to their own surgery! With the extra time on the panel, I’ll be presenting the research on Lost spoiler fans that Jonathan Gray & I have worked on, which I couldn’t present at SCMS. I blogged about the project earlier, so if you’re at the conference & interested, be sure to come to the panel.

I’ll try to do some conference blogging while there – also follow along on these other blogs by conference participants: Derek, Chuck, Michael, Henry, and Siva. Maybe we can all play a game of blog tag…

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  1. 1 FG

    Hi. I’m at Mit5 too. Presenting on Saturday morning. I’ll do some live blogging and twittering mainly for italian audience ( See you there.

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