Television’s imitative logic at its best


… or at least it would be if it were true. From The Onion – : CBS To Release Own Version Of NBC’s The Office starring David Spade:

“We’re excited to bring the fresh, groundbreaking comedy of The Office to a completely new channel,” CBS President Leslie Moonves said. “Some people say a show like The Office can only work on NBC, but we’re out to prove them wrong.”….

“The budding romance between Jen and Tom is really the foundation of the show,” said director Howard Gatson, who has made their connection “more believable” by casting more traditionally attractive actors in the roles. “People are going to tune in every week to see if Jen will ever leave her fiancé to be with Tom. And they’ll be so relieved when she finally does in episode three.”

The producers made several other changes to the show in order to promote a greater crossover appeal. The faux-documentary format has been dropped in favor of a traditional three-camera setup, and a laugh track has been added to fill in any painful, awkward pauses in dialogue that might slow down the show….

Despite early public skepticism, CBS executives remain confident the program will be a cross-network hit. They have already commissioned two 12-episode seasons of the reworked sitcom, tentatively titled The Office, and slotted the show for their most competitive time slot, Thursdays at 8:30 p.m.


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