There will be no Zombie Season


I guess ABC reads this blog! Just two days after me writing about the benefits of television programs ending, ABC has publicly announced that Lost will run for three more seasons of 16 episodes, ending in 2010. As far as I know, this is a first for American network TV: to stipulate a finite boundedness for an ongoing series goes against the audience-making machinery of the television industry. But Lost has innovated on a number of fronts, and this could be among the most important.

Personally, I think the more important number in the announcement isn’t 3 more seasons, but that each season will be limited to 16 episodes – cranking out 24 hours of television each year and expecting them to all be cohesive blends of suspense, character development, and mythological revelation is bound to generate a lot of failed expectations. 16 episodes is closer to the number that cable channels produce each season, so that suggests that the ratio of quality to filler should be greatly improved.

And finally, among the other reasons why having an end date helps Lost, the network & producers failed to mention that it’s quite useful for television scholars writing about the show! Maybe they don’t read this blog after all…


2 Responses to “There will be no Zombie Season”

  1. 1 Jonathan Gray

    My question is whether they can keep up with their onion-layer season format (ie: s1 = island, s2 = hatch, s3 = others, … s6= International House of Pancakes?

  1. 1 Lost gets an endpoint « Derek Kompare’s Media Musings

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