An appeal to the ratings board


Via Chuck, I tried this tool for rating blogs using the MPAA system:

What's My Blog Rated?

Clearly the crappy system, which scans a site for naughty content, doesn’t include audio – it didn’t seem to register my post about the court case about the fucking FCC’s shitty policies about assholes saying expletives on TV, in which I included George Carlin’s “Seven Dirty Words” recording. We’ll see if the shitty rating system registers my fucking profanity now…

UPDATE: After around 24 hours, the blog-rater still thinks my blog is appropriate for all ages. Clearly my brush with pottymouthed “plumbing language” above has not registered, so I’ll assume that this ratings system is worth just what I paid for it… Amazingly, it’s managed to make the MPAA seem comparatively better!


2 Responses to “An appeal to the ratings board”

  1. 1 Chuck

    Wow, Jason, a G rating! I actually got my PG for using the words “zombies” and “fucking,” which shows just how limited that system actually is. Maybe if I’d talked about zombies fucking?

  2. 2 Jason

    Mabuse’s gets a “R” for a fondness for the words “kill” and “knife.”

    Yep, it all makes perfect sense.

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