A pair of serialized links


For you media studies academics, be sure to check out this new project on MediaCommons: Kathleen Fitzpatrick and I are overseeing a series of online anthologies called the MediaCommons Series Casefiles, designed to build scholarship of ongoing series (including television, comics, videogames, films, etc.). As per MC’s mission, we’re trying to reinvent scholarly publishing in a few key ways – peer review will be non-anonymous, public, conversational, and ongoing; anthologies will be serialized, building as new submissions emerge and the series themselves develop, not fixed in print at an arbitrary time; and digital publication will allow for new modes of academic writing, including embedded video & multimedia. I’m quite excited at this prospect – we’re open to suggestions about procedures, and want people to pitch specific Casefiles per their expertise. The first one in the queue focuses on C.S.I.; if you have other ideas, let me know…

And for you Lost fans, be sure to check out the newest orientation film of the Orchid Station, shown at Comic Con last week. Whether we are supposed to think of this film as a bit of insider parody or canonical story info (or a bit of both) is not clear. But it’s quite a hoot!


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