Fair use in film and media pedagogy


For the past two years, I’ve served on the Society for Cinema & Media Studies Public Policy Committee. I encouraged SCMS to form the committee, following the impetus emerging out of the Television Studies Interest Group, as motivated primarily to tackle the issues of copyright and fair use as it impacts the field of film and media studies. I’m happy to say that our first major initiative has just been published – the SCMS Best Practices for Fair Use in Teaching is now available on the SCMS website and will be published in Cinema Journal soon.

If you’re a film or media educator, I urge you to download the document – and if you’re not, share it with any educators you know. We’re optimistic that the document can serve as a small bulwark against the creeping protectionism being pushed by the content industries. We plan on following this document up with a similar statement focusing on publishing fair use issues. I’d be happy to answer any questions about this document, or field any concerns about publishing that we might address in the next document, in the comments below. Please share the link broadly, as we want this message to be heard.

4 Responses to “Fair use in film and media pedagogy”

  1. Just to track what hopefully will be some press coverage of this issue, Inside Higher Education published an article about the document.

  2. 2 Bernard Timberg

    I sent you an email recently (and also one to Ted Hovett) after talking to Sam Ford at MIT about another project.

    I’ve now read (and saved) the SCMS’ Best Practices statement – and think that would be good grist for a Roundtable on this topic next fall at the Flow Conference.

    And I’d like to talk to you and communicate about it further when; you get a chance – to see where my (by now historical) work in fair use and “commentary montage” fit in.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

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