Obama & Santos, together again


Check out this great video from Slate highlighting the (quite intentional) parallels between Barack Obama and The West Wing‘s Matt Santos. I hope the result is the same, although I can’t imagine that the parallel will persist, with Obama choosing Leon Panetta as running mate!

Update: Alas, Slate has taken down the video, but since this post still gets some readership, here’s the Times piece about the parallel, 8 months behind. And the YouTube residue of Slate’s video is below:

5 Responses to “Obama & Santos, together again”

  1. 1 macarthur31

    Nice pickup. I really enjoyed the last two seasons of TWW because of the Smits/Santos run.

  2. 2 macarthur31

    Sorry — one more comment about Smits: You look back on his career and he’s been a part of three of the biggest TV franchises in history: LA Law, NYPD Blue and The West Wing. That’s gotta qualify him for TV Hall of fame, no?

  3. First time I saw this, I thought it referred to the Mexican masked wrestler. Now there’s a mashup waiting to happen!

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