This semester’s teaching


Just a couple of quick links to anyone interested in my courses this fall. I’m teaching my bread & butter intro course, Television & American Culture, which follows the structure of my forthcoming textbook (which I’ll be plugging mercilessly until it’s released in the spring). I’m also teaching the senior seminar for Film & Media Culture, on the topic Narration Across Media, which compares how films, television, and videogames tell stories – this course builds on my interest in narratology and television, which is my next book. So my teaching and writing are well integrated this semester, if only I had time to write.

And one last link – I started a departmental blog for Film & Media Culture for anyone interested in what’s going on in the department. I’m curious if anyone else has departmental blogs, to compare what can be done with such a platform.

2 Responses to “This semester’s teaching”

  1. I’ve considered starting a departmental blog but may try other things for now. I’m in the process of revamping our department’s website to make it less static and more inviting, which a blog would do.

  2. Jason: This is an excellent idea — one which I may just have to mimic for my own department. What’s great about WordPress is that it is user-friendly, which means that faculty members could easily access the site and post events of interest to students or to trumpet individual accomplishments (at least, in theory) . And Tarski gives the site a nice feel. it reminds me that my blog is sorely in need of a new design — and perhaps a migration to WordPress will be in order.

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