I Went Back to Ohio


Weather willing, I’ll be traveling this week to give a pair of talks. So in lieu of actual content, here’s the info for any Ohio-based readers if you’d like to attend either presentation:

On Thursday January 20 at noon, I’ll be talking at Oberlin College’s Center for Teaching Innovation & Excellence in the basement of Mudd Library. My talk is entitled ”Wikis as Participatory Culture: From Wikipedia to the Classroom,” building on various things I’ve written about on the blog about wikis, especially my recent article on wikis and fandom. I’m an Oberlin alumnus, so it’s exciting to return to campus (many) years later in the role of guest speaker.

Then on Friday at 3:30, I’ll be speaking at Ohio State University (Senate Chamber at the Ohio Union – info here) as part of a panel on Television Seriality sponsored by OSU’s Project Narrative. OSU has the best collection of narratologists in the US, and my esteemed panel-mates (and friends) Sean O’Sullivan, Christine Becker, and Greg Smith should make it a great conversation. My talk is called “Why We Watch Again: Notes on Rewatching Television Serials” – I should have a bloggable version to post next week, hopefully improved by lively dialogue and feedback this week.


One Response to “I Went Back to Ohio”

  1. Wonderful talk at OSU this afternoon! Very interesting.

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