Blogging in the New Year


Every year, WordPress sends users a Year-in-Review email highlighting all of your blogging over the past year. For 2015, my blogging consisted of… four posts. This made me sad.

So even though I don’t typically do them, I’m making a New Year’s resolution to blog more. I’m not going to wait until I have a fully thought out post to share. I’m not going to avoid posts that are just sharing links and random thoughts. In other words, I’m going to try to blog as if Twitter didn’t exist. My goal is at least one post every two weeks – I’ll strive for one a week, and settle for once a month.

I do have two things to share that deserve the more archived presence of a blog post than just an ephemeral tweet. Both grew out of the topic of my last blog post (from six whole months ago!), our summer workshop on videographic criticism. The direct outgrowth is a special issue of [in]Transition that I co-edited with Christian Keathley, featuring five new practitioners of videographic criticism that developed their create at our workshop. It’s a fabulous group of videos, highlighting a range of approaches and topics; additionally, each video features two thoughtful peer reviews that do a great job advancing the conversation over how videographic work functions as scholarship. I’m quite proud of this issue and the work that my colleagues produced.

The second publication to share came out last month, and was an indirect byproduct of the workshop. One of our participants, Tracy Cox-Stanton, edits the journal The Cine-Files, and she invited all of us to contribute to a dossier on teaching specific films. I asked if she’d bend the “cine” focus of the journal to consider a piece about teaching The Wire, and she obliged. The resulting essay, “Teaching The Wire,” relays an anecdote from 6 years ago and explores the course I discussed back when I was an active blogger. I’m proud to be part of a great dossier of pedagogical reflections, even if I’m the lone teacher of television represented.

Okay, back on the blogging horse – so more to come soon!


One Response to “Blogging in the New Year”

  1. It takes some time to get used to blogging, it’s like a habit. A nice, relaxing, entertaining habit which you’ll like with time.
    Happy New year, and happy blogging!

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