The Videographic Essay: A New Book


I’m excited to announce the publication of my latest book, The Videographic Essay: Criticism in Sound and Image. [Update: as of 2019, the content is open access!]

It’s a gratifying publication in many ways. It is the first project that I have co-authored with my good friend and colleague Christian Keathley, and as such, it was quite fun to put together. It is based on the NEH-funded workshop on videographic criticism that we ran at Middlebury in June 2015, so it both brings back many memories from those fabulous two weeks, and shares much of what we did with a larger audience, including my overview of fair use for videographic practice. It also features the writing of three other friends who collaborated on the workshop with us, Catherine Grant, Eric Faden, and Kevin B. Lee.

I also created a companion site on Scalar, featuring many examples of videographic exercises created by the participants in our workshop. The open access Scalar site should provide a good sampling of the type of work produced at the workshop, and also features numerous videos produced by participants over the past year. We hope it will be a useful resource for both teaching this type of work and for inspiring people to take the videographic plunge!

We hope the low free price will be tempting enough to encourage readers to explore this new mode of critical engagement. I can certainly say that my own adventures in video making has been incredibly rewarding and has expanded my critical horizons – I hope this book will help others join in!


4 Responses to “The Videographic Essay: A New Book”

  1. 1 Cahal McLaughlin

    Looks great and I have ordered from the publisher for our library. Can I suggest that it is wonderful to support independent publishers, but not so good to advertise labour abusers and tax avoiders Amazon as a mean of ordering the book.

    • Yes, Amazon is hard to support/advertise. But they are by far the best way to get a book into people’s hands, especially via the electronic version.

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