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Wednesday was one of the more interesting days on Twitter I’ve ever seen, from the snarking about the new Pope (same as the old Pope), to the anger over Google mothballing Reader, to the more local disappointment of Wes Welker signing with the Broncos. But nothing generated more interest, excitement, and conversation amongst the TVitterati […]


The internets have been blazing over the last two days about the reported feature film version of Buffy the Vampire Slayer that would not involve Joss Whedon. While I try to not to place this blog in the maelstrom of rumor mongering and fan panic, I’m inspired to take a break from grading to share […]

Not that they need any advertising, but I wanted to highlight this entry on David Bordwell and Kristin Thompson’s blog about the history of His Girl Friday. It’s a great account of how works like films outlive their initial moments, a process I’ve studied for television programs in my book using the term “cultural life” […]

The writers’ strike is reaching at the one week point. Since my last post, an 11th hour negotiating session led the writers’ to inexplicably cave on one of their chief demands, doubling the DVD residuals. Ken Levine offers the explanation – the studios had suggested that pulling DVDs from the table would yield a new […]

The Strike


The big news in the world of American television is the upcoming strike of the Writer’s Guild of America, planned to start Monday, November 5. While I’m not an expert on the convoluted world of Hollywood labor policies, I thought I’d blog a bit about what’s going on and offer a bit of analysis from […]

As you might have heard, a contest surrounding The Simpsons Movie pitted different Springfields across the country against each other to determine which one could claim ownership of the animated city and host the film premiere. Against all odds, my fair state of Vermont won the contest, submitting an amusing video featuring a Homer-clone chasing […]

Yesterday I posted the TV ratings chart and tried to dispel some mistaken assumptions about how ratings work. So today when I read an article titled “Early summer movies underperform at box office,” I couldn’t resist another round of debunking. The premise of the article is that the (allegedly) weak performance of the first three […]