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Earlier today, I debuted my newest video essay at the Society for Cinema & Media Studies conference – alas held online rather than in Chicago as planned. It was part of a great panel on “Genre in the Age of Transmedia,” where the presentations included both typical papers and videographic pieces. I screened this new […]

I saw Gravity this weekend, and like many viewers and critics, I loved it. And as a sign of that enjoyment, I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it. As I always do when I encounter a piece of culture that I love, I’ve been reading about it, looking for critics who can explore […]

So. For those readers who have been following my book-in-progress Complex TV, you may have noticed a lengthy hiatus since I last posted a chapter. Not coincidentally, the last chapter I posted was in August 2012, shortly before returning to the classroom after my sabbatical. Since then, my writing process has stalled considerably, in large […]

Like millions of others, I’ve had the Olympics on quite often over the past few days and will continue to care about sports that I know little about for another 11 days. And like thousands of others, I’ve enjoyed making fun of NBC’s erratic coverage, tape-delays, ethnocentrism, weak commentary, and inexplicable employment of Ryan Seacrest […]

An old college friend posted the following on Facebook yesterday: “So I keep watching the show Louie, which I find to be the most depressingly realistic TV I’ve ever seen. I think it’s a really good show, but it’s about as far from comedy as one can get. Why is it called a comedy? The […]

One of my most-clicked (if not read) posts concerns how my approach to prime time serial television relates to the traditional daytime soap opera. Last year I was asked to expand on those ideas via an interview to be included in an anthology edited by Sam Ford, Abigail De Kosnik, and C. Lee Harrington, entitled […]

The Lost Payoff


Gotta take a break from grading to write about Lost‘s rollicking season finale, and season 5 in general. Spoilery goodness beneath the fold.

First off, I just wanted to mention that I’ll be at Media in Transition 6 this weekend, so if you’re in Cambridge, say hi! I’m a respondant on a panel about using moving images as a rhetorical mode of film & media criticism on Sunday morning – it should be an interesting discussion. In the […]

In an article from Advertising Age about pursuing cross-media branding & product integration in Dancing with the Stars, I was struck by the following quotation: One reason for the fascination with the reality game shows is that they tend to play out the same way, episode after episode. “Week in and week out, you know […]

As I’ve written about before, I’m not convinced by accusations of political bias in the media – generally claims of “liberal bias” are motivated by right-wingers trying to frame the debate and make “liberal media” an unquestioned assumption. The larger biases in the media are tied to the corporate world of sponsorship and media ownership, […]

I’ve previously blogged about the relationship between soap operas & prime time narrative, participating in a conversation at Henry Jenkins’s blog and Sam Ford’s post on the Convergence Culture blog. Basically, I think the majority of serialized shows in prime time do not take much from soap operatic narrative strategies beyond the serial form–the pacing […]