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(cross-posted from MediaCommons blog – feel free to comment here or there) A number of recent blog posts on MediaCommons have been discussing the issue of what blogging and other forms of online publishing “count” for in the academic system of rewards. I’m personally quite invested in these questions, as I am under review for […]

For you media studies academics, be sure to check out this new project on MediaCommons: Kathleen Fitzpatrick and I are overseeing a series of online anthologies called the MediaCommons Series Casefiles, designed to build scholarship of ongoing series (including television, comics, videogames, films, etc.). As per MC’s mission, we’re trying to reinvent scholarly publishing in […]

Just wanted to share a few links to some of my media mentions, as this morning saw the publication of 3 different stories that I contributed to. In The Boston Globe, there’s a nice piece about the endings of serial stories, inspired by The Sopranos and Harry Potter finales. Don Aucoin is one of the […]