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To quote one of my favorite fictional writers, “Hola, amigos. I know it’s been a long time since I rapped at ya, but I been puttin’ out fires left and right.” I’m back from an unplanned summer hiatus. I knew this summer would be quite busy, but had no idea the scope of it, and […]

I’m clearly going through another blogging dry spell, attributable to too many tasks and not enough inspiration. I’ve also made a general rule for myself that posts to Just TV should aim for substance, not just links – when I link to something, I try to offer a little insight into it. But I still […]

This is not a nostalgic post, nor is it an attempt to judge the present on the standards of the past. And I’m not trying to tell any kids to get off my lawn. Rather it just struck me that there’s a pretty big shift in the media ecosystem. Actually, this isn’t news to anyone […]

I’m preparing to head down to Philly tomorrow for the Society for Cinema & Media Studies conference. I’ll try to report a bit from the road, but definitely if you read JustTV and go to SCMS, be sure to say hi. A faithful reader came to my presentation at Pomona on Saturday, and it was […]

Just a note that I’m heading for a quick cross-country jaunt to present at the Claremont Colleges Media in Transition Conference on Saturday. If you’re in the LA area and want to hear some smart people talk about digital media – and also hear my presentation – I believe the conference is free & open […]

I’ve been swamped lately planning for Spring classes – because of Middlebury’s Winter Term, our classes start late, so tomorrow’s my first day of the Spring, despite the 0 degree temperatures. My two courses are Theories of Popular Culture and Media Technology & Cultural Change – feel free to play along at home with the […]



I’d planned to do a post-Super Bowl post, commenting on the ads and broadcast of the game. But as a longtime Patriots fan, I found the results of the game too depressing and mystifying to dwell on. Plus the ads were quite underwhelming – my own favorite was the NFL’s ad about Chester Pitts, the […]

Greetings. Have you ever had a friend send you an email that requires a response, but that comes at a bad time that you can’t find the emotional energy to invest in a reply and must put it off for a bit? And then you let it linger on your to-do list for days that […]

My semester is three weeks old, which is 1/4 of the term at Middlebury. So it’s a fair time to reflect on a few things. One of my courses, The Art of Animation, is a first-year seminar, meaning that all 15 students are new to college and the course serves the multiple purposes of covering […]

I try not to fill this blog with tales of local interest, as I realize that most of my scant readership cares little about my little hamlet and institution of Middlebury. But an interesting development occurred in my local blogosphere that bears notice: Middlebury College’s President Ron Liebowitz and Dean of the College Tim Spears […]

More blog silence from me, as I’ve been focusing my energies preparing to teach classes this fall. I’m teaching two courses: Television and American Culture, my annual offering, and The Art of Animation, which is a writing-intensive first-year seminar. Feel free to follow along with the course websites – TV is less web-based (and the […]

I’m heading out of town for a long weekend, but a quick pointer over to In Media Res – we’ve been running a theme week about the CSI series, and I’m finishing off the series with a discussion of a fanvid compilation of David Caruso’s cheesiest moments. Check it out!

Via Chuck, I tried this tool for rating blogs using the MPAA system: Clearly the crappy system, which scans a site for naughty content, doesn’t include audio – it didn’t seem to register my post about the court case about the fucking FCC’s shitty policies about assholes saying expletives on TV, in which I included […]

Just a heads up that I’m guest blogging on Henry Jenkins’s blog, as part of his continuing series exploring gender and fandom/fan studies. I was honored to be invited to bat leadoff – the first and second part of my conversation with Karen Hellekson is online now. If you read my blog and not Henry’s […]

Off to MIT5


I’m heading down to Cambridge Friday for the Media in Transition 5 conference at MIT. I hadn’t planned on going to the conference, but since my trip to SCMS was confounded by my appendix, I’ve parlayed my conference-going into a trip to MIT. And in an odd chain of events, I’m actually going to be […]