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In January, I helped bring Anne Trubek to Middlebury to do a workshop for faculty called “Writing for the Public.” Anne is a friend and a great writer with a diverse resume, so when she announced that she was adding campus workshops to her Thinking Writer slate of online courses, I jumped at the chance […]

It’s been a quiet month on the blogging and writing front, as I’ve taken a break from┬áComplex TV to undertake the big move from Germany back to Vermont, and take some time for family vacation. But I hope to return to the book later this week to respond to comments, post new chapters, and finish […]

I’m usually happy to see thoughtful discussions of media storytelling strategies extend into the popular press, as it gives me hope that there is a broad audience for work that engages issues of television narrative and form as my current research aims to do. But I often read such popular accounts with a mix of […]

Let me preface this post by saying that this is not intended as a personal attack on Robert Thompson. Although I’ve never met the man, by all accounts he’s a very nice guy, a good colleague and a strong teacher. In this story, Thompson is more a symptom than cause of the problem. For those […]

Just a quick post to link to a couple of nice pieces about my class (and others) exploring The Wire. First off, last month Slate had the most detailed and substantive discussion of the range of courses that have developed across disciplines and institutions. A key issue that came through in my conversation with the […]

First, I should indulge in self-promotion to link to this well-done profile of me and the Film & Media Culture program at Middlebury, from the local free weekly, Seven Days. Aside from reminding me of my rapidly graying hair, I’m quite happy with how it turned out! The author found me first through a link […]

First off, I just wanted to mention that I’ll be at Media in Transition 6 this weekend, so if you’re in Cambridge, say hi! I’m a respondant on a panel about using moving images as a rhetorical mode of film & media criticism on Sunday morning – it should be an interesting discussion. In the […]



Welcome to anyone finding this blog from NPR, where I was just interviewed about American Idol. While I thought the story they put together was pretty good, especially in interviewing a range of fans of the show, I’m usually struck by how the soundbites producers pull out of my mouth rarely convey the context of […]

I’ve been swamped with tasks that have prevented me from blogging what I’ve wanted to talk about – the finale of The Wire (which was utterly satisfying, of course), the brief run of Breaking Bad (in which Bryan Cranston becomes the most compelling actor on TV), some post-SCMS thoughts – but I read an interesting […]

I try not to fill this blog with tales of local interest, as I realize that most of my scant readership cares little about my little hamlet and institution of Middlebury. But an interesting development occurred in my local blogosphere that bears notice: Middlebury College’s President Ron Liebowitz and Dean of the College Tim Spears […]

Just a quick link to an article in our local paper, The Addison Independent, about Middlebury College’s interest in using Second Life. The reporter does a good job explaining what the deal is for the uninitiated, and talks about some of the things I did in my class. Anyone else out there used SL productively […]

Just wanted to share a few links to some of my media mentions, as this morning saw the publication of 3 different stories that I contributed to. In The Boston Globe, there’s a nice piece about the endings of serial stories, inspired by The Sopranos and Harry Potter finales. Don Aucoin is one of the […]