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[I know this has been a dormant site for months, and I have a draft post called “Too Busy to Blog” explaining why & what I’ve been up to, but I’ve not had time to finish it! But I just had some thoughts that are TLFT (too long for Twitter) that I wanted to throw […]

As I mentioned in my previous post, my first stop on my return trip to Germany was to give the keynote address at the Popular Seriality Conference in my old hometown of Göttingen. I plan on incorporating this talk into my final chapter of Complex TV, but want to share it here first for any feedback […]

So. For those readers who have been following my book-in-progress Complex TV, you may have noticed a lengthy hiatus since I last posted a chapter. Not coincidentally, the last chapter I posted was in August 2012, shortly before returning to the classroom after my sabbatical. Since then, my writing process has stalled considerably, in large […]

On my writing docket this summer were three essays that I’d committed to: a write-up of my SCMS presentation on Lostpedia (which will be coming out in Transformative Works & Cultures this fall), my piece on serial form and memory, and a long-delayed chapter for an anthology about the series Veronica Mars, edited by Sue […]

I’ve got a bunch of blog posts spinning around in my head, but have been way too busy to post coherently. So for a quick hit, I wanted to share this video that ties back to my very first publication.* In 1995, I spent a summer as an intern in the moving image archives of […]

Just a quick link to this site, where over 100 faculty who teach communication and media studies have signed onto censure the deceptive, unethical, and racist discourse eminating from the McCain campaign in their desperate attempts to frame Obama as a dangerous “Other.” There are some links to frightening examples as well. If you’re a […]

I’ve previously blogged about the relationship between soap operas & prime time narrative, participating in a conversation at Henry Jenkins’s blog and Sam Ford’s post on the Convergence Culture blog. Basically, I think the majority of serialized shows in prime time do not take much from soap operatic narrative strategies beyond the serial form–the pacing […]

I haven’t read anything of note about the Michael Richards’s on-stage breakdown that really adds to our understanding of the event or its context. But this video, by National Lampoon, is astounding. It places the stand-up rant & his apology within the context of Seinfeld and its own odd treatment of race. Enjoy! Update: I […]