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It’s been a dormant month of July on the book-writing/publishing front, as I’ve been busy returning from my year abroad in Germany, settling back in Vermont, and having some family vacation time. I do hope to resume writing and pre-publication, as I have only a few more chapters left to go before I’ve got a […]

This is not a nostalgic post, nor is it an attempt to judge the present on the standards of the past. And I’m not trying to tell any kids to get off my lawn. Rather it just struck me that there’s a pretty big shift in the media ecosystem. Actually, this isn’t news to anyone […]

I’ve been swamped with tasks that have prevented me from blogging what I’ve wanted to talk about – the finale of The Wire (which was utterly satisfying, of course), the brief run of Breaking Bad (in which Bryan Cranston becomes the most compelling actor on TV), some post-SCMS thoughts – but I read an interesting […]

Before I hole up to read Deathly Hallows, a couple of thoughts & and a link of note. First, I’ve been intrigued by the spoiler hooplah from my perspectives both as a spoiler scholar and non-spoiling reader. One the one hand, I certainly believe that everyone should be able to have stories unfold per their […]

Sorry for the blog silence, but the past week was spent on family vacation in Rhode Island. Not much more to say, but a few links for your trouble: First, I highly recommend The West Side, a new serialized online video co-created by a former student of mine, Ryan Bilsborrow-Koo. The program is a contemporary […]

In an effort to get that damn Journey song out of my head, I feel compelled to write about the finale of The Sopranos. I should be upfront and say that I have not actually seen the finale – just the final 5 minutes, which I’ve watched multiple times. I haven’t seen any of season […]

I can’t say anything meaningful without spoiling the season 3 finale of Lost, so if you don’t want to be spoiled, avert your eyes! Speaking of spoilers, just an interesting aside – it seems that the big twist of the episode was, like all the season finales, played close to the vest by the producers, […]

As I’ve discussed in a couple of other posts, Jonathan Gray and I have been researching the phenomenon of spoiler fans of Lost. Our article has now been published at Participations, and because of the glory of the internets, you can read it online now! Below is the abstract to see what you might be […]