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So. For those readers who have been following my book-in-progress Complex TV, you may have noticed a lengthy hiatus since I last posted a chapter. Not coincidentally, the last chapter I posted was in August 2012, shortly before returning to the classroom after my sabbatical. Since then, my writing process has stalled considerably, in large […]

One of the great gifts of sabbatical is having the time to read books that are not immediately required for teaching or manuscript reviews. I’ve taken advantage of that by reading some fiction (and would highly recommend D.B. Weiss’s Lucky Wander Boy if you’re into classic videogames and/or metafiction), as well as some scholarship. In the […]

I submitted my spring term grades today, which is particularly sweet this year as it marks the unofficial start to my sabbatical–I won’t have teaching responsibilities for the next 15 months! While I do love teaching, I’m definitely ready for a break to refresh, regroup, and research. It will be a busy summer, what with […]

I’ve got a bunch of blog posts spinning around in my head, but have been way too busy to post coherently. So for a quick hit, I wanted to share this video that ties back to my very first publication.* In 1995, I spent a summer as an intern in the moving image archives of […]

On Wednesday, I’m heading to Madison, WI – I lived there for 6 years, but haven’t been back since 2000. Beyond looking forward to some of the fineries of Madison, especially on the Union Terrace, I’ll be attending the Society for Cognitive Studies of the Moving Image conference. SCSMI is foreign terrain for me, both […]