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This past spring semester, I taught a course called Sustainable Television: Producing Environmental Media – I’d taught a version of the course back in January 2010 during Middlebury’s intensive Winter Term, and this year I ran it as a full semester course. The concept was the same: spend the term producing a magazine-style television program […]

At Middlebury, we have a month-long Winter Term in January, where students each take one course or do an independent project or internship. Faculty typically teach every other year, and there are widely divergent opinions about the system. Many hate it, as there is a lot of class time each week and not much time […]

One of the most interesting, exhausting, frustrating, and exciting things you can do as a faculty member is serving on a search committee–interesting to see the broad range of work that emerging scholars are doing, exhausting from the time it takes to read hundreds of files and conduct lengthy interviews, frustrating because in the end […]

Today Vermont had an opportunity to lead the nation in the fight for equality and justice by becoming the first state to legislate marriage equality without a mandate from the courts. Today, Governor Jim Douglas stood on the wrong side of history and vetoed the bill that had overwhelming support from the legislature. There is […]

Since I moved to Vermont in 2002, I have been on the board of Middlebury Community Television, our local public access channel. Yesterday, the board sponsored a community media forum, where we invited members of our community to come together to discuss the role of a small public access channel in a small town today […]

So I’m watching last night’s wonderfully daffy 30 Rock, which will be the last new episode for a long time until the writer’s strike ends (about which I’m feeling less and less optimistic). The main storyline involves Jack and C.C. meeting halfway between NYC and DC for a rendezvous, in what is supposed to be […]

Apologies for the lack of content here over the past month. I could claim solidarity with the writers’ strike, but it’s a combination of lack of time and lack of inspiration of anything to say that warrants carving out a moment to post. Until now – while it might not offer any great insight or […]

Just a quick link to an article in our local paper, The Addison Independent, about Middlebury College’s interest in using Second Life. The reporter does a good job explaining what the deal is for the uninitiated, and talks about some of the things I did in my class. Anyone else out there used SL productively […]

As you might have heard, a contest surrounding The Simpsons Movie pitted different Springfields across the country against each other to determine which one could claim ownership of the animated city and host the film premiere. Against all odds, my fair state of Vermont won the contest, submitting an amusing video featuring a Homer-clone chasing […]