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I have two new book chapters out that I want to share. The first is an essay called “Lengthy Interactions with Hideous Men: Walter White and the Serial Poetics of Television Antiheroes,” published in a brand new anthology, Storytelling in the Media Convergence Age: Exploring Screen Narratives, edited by Roberta Pearson and Anthony Smith. The […]

I’m happy to announce that the next chapter of Complex TV has been posted. It’s focused on Authorship in contemporary serial television, and I think it’s all never-before-published material. I’ve been giving a talk based on this chapter for this spring, and have been really happy with the conversation it provokes – and I do intend […]

As I discussed in my last post, I’m heading down my list for best TV of the decade, broken into tiers. Today I’m onto tier 3 – these shows are all more flawed or erratic than the top tiers, but still qualify as among the best of the decade. I’m also including a few shows […]

The internets have been blazing over the last two days about the reported feature film version of Buffy the Vampire Slayer that would not involve Joss Whedon. While I try to not to place this blog in the maelstrom of rumor mongering and fan panic, I’m inspired to take a break from grading to share […]

My double conference weekend had ups & downs. The Futures of Entertainment 2 conference was great, leading to an excellent connection with Jesse Alexander and the oddity of Tim Kring commenting on my blog! FoE2 gave me hope for future intersections with media creators that could be mutually rewarding, not just me leeching info for […]