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This is a busy week for the Popular Seriality group I’m working with here in Göttingen. First, we took over In Media Res for a series of posts about seriality – my own contribution was on Wednesday, focused on Breaking Bad and how it constructs character interiority through serial memory. Head over and join the conversation! […]

I submitted my spring term grades today, which is particularly sweet this year as it marks the unofficial start to my sabbatical–I won’t have teaching responsibilities for the next 15 months! While I do love teaching, I’m definitely ready for a break to refresh, regroup, and research. It will be a busy summer, what with […]

Update: The book that this essay appears in has been published. Check out Reading Lost: Perspectives on a Hit Television Show, edited by Roberta Pearson (I.B. Tauris, 2009), for a number of great essays on the show… My blogging pace has been slowed lately, in part because of various commitments to teaching, administrative matters, parenting, […]