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The news came down today: Pushing Daisies is no more. Or at least we’ll be burning through a few episodes until the end. We knew this was coming. In fact, when I first watched the show, I was convinced that it was too quirky, too idiosyncratic, too… downright beautiful for network TV. I was happily […]

I’m squeezing in a bit of blogging bfeore heading down to Austin for the Flow Conference to mingle with fellow TV scholars and participate in a roundtable discussion on The Wire. Have I mentioned that I love my job? But in between teaching, watching the Red Sox mount another charge on the World Series, juggling […]

I’m down in Cambridge for a few days, attending a double-decker of conferences. First up, Futures of Entertainment 2, a two-day meetings of the minds between media industry folks and scholars, and then Unboxing TV, a set of meetings among a small number of television scholars exploring the future of both the medium and the […]

The writers’ strike is reaching at the one week point. Since my last post, an 11th hour negotiating session led the writers’ to inexplicably cave on one of their chief demands, doubling the DVD residuals. Ken Levine offers the explanation – the studios had suggested that pulling DVDs from the table would yield a new […]

In my line of work, October can be quite cruel. The semester is chugging along as the grading piles up. The TiVo gets stacked up with new fall shows & returning favorites. And my lifelong Red Sox fandom demands that attention be paid to post-season baseball. So while each of these things are great on […]

I haven’t blogged about Heroes, a show that I watch regularly and enjoy only intermittently. When it’s on its game – episodes like “Six Months Ago,” “Company Man,” and “Five Years Gone” – it’s pretty engrossing, playing with dense mythology and engaging characters. But at its worst, the dialogue is horribly on-the-nose (especially every line […]