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Like millions of others, I’ve had the Olympics on quite often over the past few days and will continue to care about sports that I know little about for another 11 days. And like thousands of others, I’ve enjoyed making fun of NBC’s erratic coverage, tape-delays, ethnocentrism, weak commentary, and inexplicable employment of Ryan Seacrest […]

One of the main jobs of any television pilot is to teach us how to watch the series yet to come. In large part, that means establishing the key elements of the narrative: the setting, the characters, the genre, the relationships. In complex narratives, that also means setting up the storytelling hook, especially where there’s […]

A few people have asked me for my take on NBC’s odd move, announced a couple of weeks ago, to abandon to dark forces schedule Jay Leno in the 10:00 pm timeslot. I don’t have much to add beyond what Derek Kompare, Alan Sepinwall, and Jonathan Gray have said, save for one key perspective: the […]