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I’d like to interrupt this unplanned blog hiatus – yes, it’s been one of those semesters – to give thanks for this year’s best new show: Terriers. I’d been planning on posting a blog about Terriers after a few episodes, but I’m glad I got too busy to write it, as the show has transformed into […]

So thus begins season 6 of Lost. I give “LA X”  two big thumbs up (one in 2004 & one in 2007!), but to read why, you need to go over to Antenna, a newish online venture out of my graduate alma mater, University of Wisconsin – Madison’s Media & Cultural Studies program. The goal […]

As I repeatedly remind my students, television is neither a democracy nor a free market. The vast majority of viewers cannot vote for the programs they wish to see, and we cannot exercise our tastes with our dollars (at least until a show lasts a season to reach the DVD market). The best that we […]