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One aspect of the campaign that I’ve been tracking is the comparative emotional tones being struck by Obama and McCain, especially via their negative ads. McCain’s commercials have been overly negative and brutal in their attacks of Obama, mostly by aiming for fear and suspicion. A couple of examples – first, a web-only ad linking […]

One of my favorite bloggers is Joe Posnanski, a brilliant Kansas City sports writer whose posts are entertainly digressive ramblings inspired by David Foster Wallace as much as Peter Gammons. Recently he launched a second blog, Favorable Ratings – inspired by Buck O’Neil, the late Negro League legend whom Poz wrote about in his book […]

Check out this great video from Slate highlighting the (quite intentional) parallels between Barack Obama and The West Wing‘s Matt Santos. I hope the result is the same, although I can’t imagine that the parallel will persist, with Obama choosing Leon Panetta as running mate! Update: Alas, Slate has taken down the video, but since […]