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I have decided to use my blog here in tandem with the site for Complex TV to offer context & references for each chapter as I release them this spring/summer. I hope this is useful in both promoting readership, and making it transparent how this book is coming together out of earlier pieces and new […]

I’m writing from the grading bunker, which seems like a fine place to contemplate the purpose of assignments we give our students. Usually, my assignments are fairly conventional in both form and goal, looking to synthesize specific ideas from the course in a way that allows students to apply them to an object or topic […]

Time for my next chunk of Best TV of the Decade list, but first I want to point readers to my guest appearance on the excellent Television on the Internet podcast (now posted), where I debate many of these programs (and some that won’t appear on my list at all) with Todd VanDerWerff and Libby […]

I’ve got a few random thoughts that have been piling up without sufficient mass to justify a full post. So here’s a compilation of stuff passing through my mind, Larry King style. – I’ve not tried to do a full account or analysis of the network upfronts or planned 2009-10 season. But in reading about […]

Best of 2008


One of the great gifts of having a blog is the opportunity to spout off opinions as if they are truth. And the end of the year is the time for bold opinions that quantify the previous year, often in multiples of ten. I thought about offering a TV Top Ten for the year, but […]

The news came down today: Pushing Daisies is no more. Or at least we’ll be burning through a few episodes until the end. We knew this was coming. In fact, when I first watched the show, I was convinced that it was too quirky, too idiosyncratic, too… downright beautiful for network TV. I was happily […]

I’m squeezing in a bit of blogging bfeore heading down to Austin for the Flow Conference to mingle with fellow TV scholars and participate in a roundtable discussion on The Wire. Have I mentioned that I love my job? But in between teaching, watching the Red Sox mount another charge on the World Series, juggling […]

In my line of work, October can be quite cruel. The semester is chugging along as the grading piles up. The TiVo gets stacked up with new fall shows & returning favorites. And my lifelong Red Sox fandom demands that attention be paid to post-season baseball. So while each of these things are great on […]

As I repeatedly remind my students, television is neither a democracy nor a free market. The vast majority of viewers cannot vote for the programs they wish to see, and we cannot exercise our tastes with our dollars (at least until a show lasts a season to reach the DVD market). The best that we […]

The Fall television season has launched, and oddly enough it’s got me a little stressed out. One of the perks of my job that provokes jealousy in many is that I can honestly say that watching TV is research. However, the downside is that the television schedule keeps going, and if I fall behind it […]