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Just a couple of quick links & promotions before I carve out the time for a real blog post: I had the pleasure and honor of doing an interview with Henry Jenkins about my new book, Television & American Culture. Today, Henry published the first part of the interview, with a very flattering introduction. I […]

Update: The book is out – details on the Television & American Culture website. A couple of people have asked me about my forthcoming book, Television & American Culture, which will be out this spring from Oxford University Press. Alas it may not be out in time for spring courses, unless it will only be […]

A bit of self-promotion here: check out an excellent new anthology, The Cambridge Companion to Narrative, edited by David Herman. The book is an introductory overview of the study of narrative across media and tackling a wide range of issues. My chapter, “Film and Television Narrative,” includes an analysis of two key examples, The Wizard […]