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One great feature of TiVo (and potentially other DVRs, but I’m an exclusive TiVotee) is that live broadcasts are always buffered for 30 minutes, allowing you to rewind or pause on the fly. A quirk in the system allows you to press a button and go back to the beginning of the buffer (or the […]

I’ve been remiss in my promise to blog about each episode of The Wire. I blame TiVo. There was a scene in last week’s episode, “Unconfirmed Reports,” that I wanted to discuss at length, and I figured I could take advantage of one of TiVo’s coolest features, TiVoToGo, to transfer it to my laptop, edit […]

Update: The book will be out soon – details on the Television & American Culture website. As I’ve blogged before,  I’m in the process of writing a textbook called Television & American Culture. I’m close to being done, although I’ve been a bit stalled with other obligations. This January I’m putting my final push in […]