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This weekend, a teaser dropped for what had been only rumored-about for the past year: the Breaking Bad movie! Named El Camino, presumably for the car that Jesse drives off to escape his Nazi prison in the series finale, the film presumably focuses on Jesse’s life after Breaking Bad. While¬† we’ll have to wait until […]

I’ve written some about vidding before – it’s an area of fan culture that I’m not too familiar with, but I’m interested when I find examples that speak to me. So I found this video, via Jason Sperb’s blog, quite interesting. It’s a vid of Punch Drunk Love set to Radiohead’s “No Surprises,” done by […]

My double conference weekend had ups & downs. The Futures of Entertainment 2 conference was great, leading to an excellent connection with Jesse Alexander and the oddity of Tim Kring commenting on my blog! FoE2 gave me hope for future intersections with media creators that could be mutually rewarding, not just me leeching info for […]