LOST spoiler fans explained!


As I’ve discussed in a couple of other posts, Jonathan Gray and I have been researching the phenomenon of spoiler fans of Lost. Our article has now been published at Participations, and because of the glory of the internets, you can read it online now! Below is the abstract to see what you might be getting, and a link to take you there. There is no commenting available on Participations, so if you have reactions or thoughts, post them here & I’ll share with Jonathan.

Jonathan Gray & Jason Mittell, ‘Speculation on Spoilers: Lost Fandom, Narrative Consumption and Rethinking Textuality Particip@tions Volume 4, Issue 1 (May 2007)


This paper studies the practice of “spoiler fans” of the TV show Lost, who seemingly short-circuit the program’s narrative design by seeking out advanced plot points online. Drawing from an online qualitative survey, we examine what spoilers tell us about contemporary narrative and textuality in the digital age. Spoiler fans take some extra-textual pleasures, informing how contemporary mediated texts operate within everyday life. However, fans’ survey responses focused on textual pleasures, painting vivid pictures of Lost’s “operational aesthetics,” pleasures of the known, paratextual proliferation, game logic, and the phenomenology of anticipation and suspense. Ultimately, spoiler fans and the practice of spoiler consumption speak volumes about the changing nature of transmedia storytelling, serial textuality, and norms of narrative consumption.

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